Marian orchestrated exquisite quality work in The Military Museums Gift Shop. We get many compliments on the richness of the area which adds a lot of class to our world class museum.

Marian is an artist who guided her staff well in creating an experiential environment for visitors as they walk into our Discovery Centre. It is as if they are stepping into a United Nations Peacekeeping site. The art work is striking in its effectiveness.

Commander (Retired) Greg McKenzie
President and Chief Executive Officer
Calgary Military Museums Society

about Marian's studio in Calgary

In the years from 2000-2003 I attended a few invitations at Marian's studio in West Hillhurst. As a designer and having worked with the trades for more than 40 years, I was excited to see a new wave of talent emerging. Artists were now beginning to work in the construction field with builders to create inspiring environments. Marian had a background in construction and was an artist doing large scale artworks her studio was one that I was attracted to, and many other people as well. Marian's guests at open houses were from the design and build trades, musicians, poets, writers, photographers and young artists interested in working in this type and style of commercial artwork. This beautiful studio was eclectic and well situated in downtown Calgary, and we loved being a part of it.

Before the studio, Marian and I worked together beginning in 1995. We worked jointly as a team to create environments for a number of years until my retirement. All the special places we finished became dear to us as well our clients. In the process of working on these projects we got to know and trust one another's expertise and innovations in the design and fashion world that would have difficult to do without the exact right team on them. Our team is still together today, with great newcomers.

I look forward to seeing and being a part of Marian's works each time I return home to Calgary. I loved my work as a designer and builder, but am retired and happy someone of her caliber is still in it.

Sincerely Yours,
Woodie Bueg

Our association with Marion has been a truly great one. The qualities that first attracted us to Marion were her passion for color and dimension and her ability to communicate that to us in a very visual way. That innate creative gift was inspiring to see and made our relationship very easy as she knows exactly what to do and where to do it.

The ability to stretch the client in myriad ways is a gift that Marion utilizes well and culminated in our being "so in love" with our surroundings that we could not envision it any other way. She is able to challenge with her vision and more importantly, convey her thoughts professionally.


Marian Matus worked for me in the capacity of interior designer and artist for my inner city home over a period of 5 years. In that time frame, room by room, the concept through to final completion was hers. She did much of the work herself, but also directed a variety of people to assist her in the final product.

Her sense of colour is beyond reproach. That seems like a simple statement, since she is an artists, but no one I have met understands the nuances of colour that Marian does. She, in an instant, integrates internal and external light, the weight and texture of furniture and comes up with "magic". I used Marian to select the base colour of my new modern ($2mm) home in Cambrian Heights and also my office downtown.

The home we worked together so closely on was a very traditional one, 1800 sq. ft., 1 1/2 storey. She updated it without losing any of the integrity or aged intelligence of the home. She guided a number of people in the philosophy of what we were trying to accomplish as well as the physical art of it and did an outstanding job.

Marian is also very punctual and finishes her projects when she says she will. In consideration of the number of contractors I have dealt with through two major home renovations that is an exception to the rule. Her work ethic is that of someone who has a lot of passion for their work. She stops when she is finished, not at the end of the day. I find that is a common trait for people who are creative - they need to follow through because they have to keep the thought process going. There just aren't many people like that.

In short, I have the utmost admiration for the work Marian does and would have to say anyone is very lucky to have her on their team. Please contact me at the number below if you would like further information.

P. F. Hines


I am pleased that you are requesting this letter of recommendation as we have worked together for so many years and it is long overdue. Whether it was part of the design team or physically involved with my projects, you always came through with great ideas which always produced an end result that not only pleased our clients, but went beyond all our expectations.

Just the fact we have been involved with so many different types of projects over the past 18 years pretty much says it all. You were always efficient and on schedule. A pleasure to work with. Should anyone need specific references, please have them call me and I will take the time to expand upon this brief commentary.

Ronald Scott - Scott Design

It has been a sincere pleasure and excitement to have worked along side Marian Matus over the past ten years, on a variety of projects surrounding new builds, restoration, creative arts and sculptures.

Marian's sense of detail and perfection are of the highest quality. Her leadership, direction and commitment show in her outstanding completions on all the projects that she has worked on.

It is with my great pride to recommend her to any future client who is looking for a true professional, and it would be my delight to be able to work with Marian again anytime, even though I have recently moved to Europe.

Ethel Rondeau

I began working with Marian Matus Art and Design during the fall of 2009 on a project at the Military Museums of Calgary. My skills as a realistic painter were put to good use under Marian's expert guidance. As a leader she is able to nurture the individual talents of her team to produce above and beyond the desired results. Her experience in the commercial art world has been a valuable asset to an emerging artist like myself. I have learned techniques in art but also business as Marian is very skilled at networking and building client relations. I look forward to any opportunity to work with her in the future.

Kristine Zingeler

I've known Marian for a lifetime, or a short eternity, however you define it. Marian and I have always been involved in art projects from inception to creation. Marian is the most eclectic person I know, constantly changing her vision to whatever intuitive art work she's involved in at the time. She is forever changing her medium and her style to accommodate her clients, who have their own vision, which she eagerly embraces as an art form based on their sentiments or art design planning.

I have never met an artist who would veer off their own path in so many different and challenging modes and styles, to be accommodating to her client base.

When I practice my art, I will not accommodate the vision of others and in that affect, she is willing and in fact, masters the art of compromise of shared vision.

I should have known this, when she built our first tree house and we went on to build many snow forts and works of art after that. We wrote our first book together, it was called T.H.E. book.

I called DiVinci the other day, he was dead, and then I called Rembrandt and he was on the phone with the planner, then I called Michaelangelo and he said, "call Marian."

I love her!


I have only known Marian Matus for two months and I am amazed by her enthusiasm. She is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas, be passionate about her,(our projects) and who doesn't sour me on the business of art, and at the same time is professional.

Having worked with Marian is an incredible opportunity and an experience to remember. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all projects with dedication and a smile.

As an employee, she has given me her support and her patience. She has also encouraged my creativity allowing me an opportunity to grow as an artist.

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation of Marian Matus. She is a honest, caring individual who will make an extremely valuable asset to your organization.

Kelsey Schuett